About Us

Welcome to Tulliallan Primary School

Welcome to Tulliallan Primary School. A school to nurture our students to be happy, healthy and the best they can be academically, socially and emotionally with opportunities to reach their potential.

This school is a Public Private Partnership Government School developed under the Learning Communities Victoria Consortium. The students and families of the local community have a ‘State of the Art’ educational facility built for 21st Century learning with highest quality educational design principles and infrastructure reflective of research and the needs for the students of the future. The school is a modern, environmentally friendly school with high expectations of our students, staff and families.


Our school values:

  • Excellence in learning and behaviour,
  • Respect for all which means ourselves, others and the environment
  • Community – local and global connections.

The school opened for Prep to Year 6 on the 31st of January 2017. Enrolments are being taken now and you can contact the school office for information in regard to enrolments on 8766 3100.

The history behind the name

Our school is named TULLIALLAN Primary School. This name reflects the local historic and aesthetic significance to the City of Casey and to the students and families that live in the school’s local neighbourhood. Tulliallan is highly significant in history and in a regional context as it is associated with the settlement of the area during the pastoral era of 1850s and 60s, prior to the land being opened for selection. It illustrates the development of cattle runs within the south east part of the Settled District of Port Philip. It has associations with locally important individuals in history, including members of the Rossiter family, Strettle family, James Gibb and Captain Mitchell. The heritage listed ‘Avenue of Elms’ and ‘Shearers Cottage’ is 400 metres from our school site.

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing the development of the school as we establish our own traditions, history and reputation over the years as a wonderful school for our children and families.

Warm regards

Kathy Sharp

Vision & Values

Tulliallan Primary School Vision

Tulliallan Primary School aims to develop happy, resilient and responsible students who demonstrate positive social skills and empathy towards others. All students will be provided with a comprehensive education with diverse opportunities to develop skills to achieve their personal best. Our students and community will embrace a partnership of lifelong learning to be able to contribute as citizens in the community and in the future complex and changing world.

Tulliallan Primary School Values


  • Take pride in yourself in all that you do. Use best manners.
  • Treat others with care, inclusion and understanding.
  • Appreciate everyone is unique.
  • Listen thoughtfully to others.
  • Take pride in our school community


  • Work cooperatively as a team in work and play
  • Be considerate of others
  • Be sensitive to your own and others emotions


  • Strive for your personal best.
  • Taking care of belongings and school property
  • Be a positive role model to others.
  • Take ownership of actions
  • Be ready, willing and organised to learn.


  • Have a positive outlook in life
  • Give everything a go and never give up
  • Use a positive attitude to bounce back from setbacks

Facilities & Features

The facilities include;

  • First class designed learning communities for students providing flexible and purposeful learning areas.
  • A community hub that can be booked for after school use with groups to experience community, art, recreational and holiday programs.
  • Before and After School Care operated by YMCA.
  • An Early Years Learning Centre that includes long day care for 0 to 5 year old children with an integrated Kindergarten group operated by YMCA.
  • Stadium expanded to include a competition approved Netball court.
  • Partnership with CERES for an environmentally sustained school and landscaped environment.
  • Outdoor Central Plaza area for outdoor learning and social interaction
  • Canteen
  • Play equipment designated for 3 play areas
  • Bike shed
  • Oval
  • Two outside hard court areas
  • Resource Centre