Tulliallan Primary School

Vision & Values


Tulliallan Primary School aims to develop happy, resilient and responsible students who demonstrate positive social skills and empathy towards others. All students will be provided with a comprehensive education with diverse opportunities to develop skills to achieve their personal best. Our students and community will embrace a partnership of lifelong learning to be able to contribute as citizens in the community and in the future complex and changing world.


  • Take pride in yourself in all that you do. Use best manners.
  • Treat others with care, inclusion and understanding.
  • Appreciate everyone is unique.
  • Listen thoughtfully to others.
  • Take pride in our school community.


  • Work cooperatively as a team in work and play.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • Be sensitive to your own and others emotions.


  • Strive for your personal best.
  • Taking care of belongings and school property.
  • Be a positive role model to others.
  • Take ownership of actions.
  • Be ready, willing and organised to learn.


  • Have a positive outlook in life.
  • Give everything a go and never give up.
  • Use a positive attitude to bounce back from setbacks.