Since opening in 2017, Tulliallan Primary School has worked in a close partnership with CERES to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of the schools mind. Today, it is more important than ever for educational organizations to recognize the value of providing students with education on sustainability.

At Tulliallan we see this as an opportunity to give the next generation all the skills and knowledge necessary to handle the social and environmental changes that will occur in the near future. Students are encouraged to gain an understanding of the dependence between humans and the environment where they live. Through sustainability education we aim to provide students with opportunities to learn about environmental issues and solutions that are mutually beneficial to both humans and the natural ecosystem.

Sustainability education at Tulliallan is fun, hands-on, engaging and empowering for students. It allows them to take responsibility for their actions and to contribute their vision for a sustainable future. It enables them to develop knowledge, skills, values and motivations for action, allowing them to maintain their own wellbeing – and that of their community and the planet – in an increasingly interconnected world.


2021 September Biodiversity Audit – Grade 4 students participated in Tulliallan Primary Schools annual Biodiversity Audit. Students spent several hours in small groups calculated different aspects of the Tulliallan school ground ecosystems. 

Students counted canopy and understory trees (Native and Exotic), weeds, mulched areas, rocks, logs, soil and counted animals and birdlife. 

Once everything is tallied the totals are given points and end up with a biodiversity score for the school. 2019’s score was 74/100 and in 2021 the score was an improved 78/100.   

Kitchen Garden Working Bee, 15th September 2017. Students worked hard to create half wine barrel herb gardens as well as planting fruit trees.
I Sea I Care Ambassadors attended a boat trip out to Seal’s Rock near Phillip Island in 2019. Students watch the colony of Australian Fur Seals on the rocks and swimming in the sheltered water of the islands. The I Sea I Care Ambassadors then return and share their knowledge with the entire Tulliallan Primary School students around caring for our coastal environments.
Avenue of Elms, 2018. Tulliallan Primary School students visit the heritage listed site to learn more about the history of the area of which Tulliallan Primary School is located. On the walk down students identified key differences to the environment that have occured throughout the decades prior.  
Walk to school day is celebrated each year as a great way to get healthy and active but also as a way to limit our impact on the natural environment. Students, parents and community members braved the wet and windy conditions to participate on this walk in 2019.